Histories of the Mt Gilead & Capt William Hendricks Chapters


The Mt. Gilead Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, was organized on April 19, 1925. During the 1965-1966 chapter year, members of the Mt. Gilead Chapter transferred their membership to the Captain William Hendricks Chapter.    Organizing members of the Mt. Gilead Chapter included:  

Mrs. Fanny Berry Ball
Mrs. Katherine Pollock Chase
Mrs. Harriet Annete Dunn
Mrs. Katherine McIntire
Mrs. Emma F. Molison
Mrs. Roma E. Robinson Watters
Mrs. Mary Deana Mooney
Mrs. Eva Gardner Mozier
Mrs. Clara Louise McCreary Payne
Mrs. Jeanette Ruth Talmage Pease
Mrs. Carrie Chase Pollock
Mrs. A. Florence Hoyt Robinson
Miss Ruth A. Robinson

Captain William Hendricks Chapter, in deference to Mrs. James H. McMurray, chapter organizer, applied for charter on December 12, 1916. Charter number 1371 was received on March 15, 1917.  Charter Members were:  

Mrs. Harriet Webb McMurray Kincaid
Mrs. Catherine Little Turner
Mrs. Edith Jones Donavin
Miss Maude Shethar Gorham
Miss Emma Thompson
Mrs. Mary Knapp Hughs
Mrs. Zoe King Fies
Mrs. Harriet Robbins Stoll
Mrs. Effie Brown Harvey
Mrs. Olive Blystone Hume
Mrs. Anna Thompson Waters
Mrs. Muriel Freeland Wilson
Mrs. India Kimball Hoover
Mrs. Marion Koogler McNay Phillips Atkinson
Mrs. Clara Lippincott Koogler
Mrs. Emily B. Moore
Miss Fanny Harnit
Mrs. Abigail Harding Lewis
Mrs. Jessie Lippincott Weckworth
Mrs. Dell Gray Hunt
Mrs. Grace Gray Hoch
Mrs. Alma Copeland Drake
Mrs. Cora Gray Titus
Mrs. Clara Mable Sunderland Johnson
Miss Verna Richtmeyer Strock
Mrs. Harriet Webb McMurray, Organizing and Honorary Regent .